SunPower’s X-Series Delivers the Latest Solar Power Technology

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“This is our moment in time. America’s solar energy industry stands ready to do our part to help fight climate change and usher in a new era of clean energy in America and around the world.” –Rhone ReschHuffington Post, 2013

We couldn’t agree more – the time for solar power is now.

Thanks to SunPower’s new X-Series solar panels, delivering efficient electric energy to your home has never been more cost-effective. Released in April of this year, the X-Series is the energy experts at Solaire’s new preferred choice of residential solar panel. These new panels deliver more energy, are highly reliable and have superior aesthetics to previous models.

The X-Series’ efficiency is a world record breaker and makes them the most efficient residential solar panels on the market. Efficiency in solar panels is measured by what percentage of the sun’s energy they’re able to convert into electricity. Standard solar panels have an efficiency of around 15%, while the X-Series work at an impressive 21.5%.

Their top-of-the-line features include:

  • A high-energy output with no light-induced output degradation. Output degradation sometimes happens with older solar panel modules – the solar cells lose efficiency after being exposed to sunlight. Over time, this degradation by sunlight can substantially decrease solar cell efficiency. SunPower’s X-Series solar cells have, by far, the lowest degradation rates of any solar panel in the industry.
  • SunPower’s X-Series are hardworking, too. With their better low-light and spectral response, they’ll be at work before you get up in the morning and still be generating electricity long after you’re home in the evening (especially with California’s long summer daylight hours).
  • Some rooftops have higher temperature than others. X-Series panels make the most of this. They are low temperature co-efficient, which means that even under the highest heat condition,SunPower’s X-Series solar cells will produce more power than any other product on the market.
  • The X-Series is available for the residential market with its standard (335 watt) and smaller (250 watt) formats. The cells’ sleek black design makes them ideal for house rooftops, as they blend in smoothly with outdoor décor and look much more attractive than traditional home solar systems.

Here at Solaire Energy Systems we are an Elite Sunpower Dealer, which means we are experts in supplying and installing SunPower’s new X-Series Model, and we are national leaders in customer satisfaction and sales. If you’re interested in getting this new solar panel model for your home, or you’d just like to know more, contact us online.

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