EV Charging Stations Help You Go Green

When you’ve made an investment in the environment and purchased an electric vehicle, you are still relying on the “dirty” energy from your city’s local utility grid. All electric vehicles come equipped with a 120-volt charging cable that plugs into your home. Most owners find a 240-volt Level 2 charging station to be a more reliable and efficient option for charging their vehicle’s battery, as this station can charge your car up to 4 times faster than conventional sockets.

Plug-in hybrid owners also find many advantages to having a charging station installed. While those with ranges under 30 miles can make do with the standard cable, anything higher benefits by increasing an owner’s all-electric driving.

Charging Times

Charging times very by the type of Charging Station and the vehicles on-board charger.
These charge times are approximate.*

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Your Energy Options

240-volt EV charging stations aren’t the most complicated systems, but there are a number of different options, and knowing which one is best for your situation can be complicated. Our San Diego solar specialists can plan and install a charging station that meets your needs and helps keep you on the road with as little interruption as possible.

What Is an EVSE Unit?

There are some specific terms associated with modern electric vehicles. These cars have built-in chargers, meaning the unit we install is not actually a “charger,” but rather an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, or EVSE.

When you are looking to install a “charger” in your garage, carport, or driveway, an EVSE is needed.

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