Keeping the Energy You Produce for Later Use

A home battery charged by the electricity created by your solar panels can power your residence at night. The battery also provides you with power if you ever experience a power outage. The system does not take up much space, is automated, and can be quickly installed by our San Diego solar company.

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Why Install an Energy Storage Unit?

The benefits of having a battery backup include:

  • Access to power if the power grid is ever shut off due to a failure somewhere on the grid. This will allow you to enjoy power for your refrigerator, lights, any medical equipment or necessary appliances.
  • Saving money, as energy values will be determined by the time of day starting in 2017. This means you can draw power from the unit instead of relying on the power grid and paying to use their energy.
  • The option to utilize power from the grid when you want to. The really nice thing is that you will have more say over when you want to utilize their power.

Our helpful team at Solaire Energy Systems can install an already-purchased battery backup for your home. These batteries typically come with the purchase of an electric vehicle. If you did not receive one, we can supply one for you and install it.

Contact us at (619) 831-8600 if you are interested in installing a battery backup.