Solar Pool Heating Systems in San Diego: Four Advantages

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Unlike a traditional pool heating system, solar pool heating San Diego use the sun’s energy to heat pool water to a comfortable temperature. It’s an excellent supplement to a home solar energy system, and it can help pool owners save a huge amount of energy costs.

Pool solar energy systems function much the same way solar water heaters function. The central feature is a solar collector, a device similar in appearance to a solar panel. Water flows through a series of coils, and the heat from the sun heats the water. It then flows back into the pool. A differential temperature control can be used to regulate water temperature.

This system offers a number of advantages. Though it’s by no means an exhaustive list, here are the top four benefits of choosing a solar energy San Diego pool heating system from Solaire Energy Systems.

  1. Less maintenance. You’ll spend far less time and money cleaning, servicing, and repairing your solar pool heating system than you would with a traditional pool heater.
  2. Save more than you spent. You won’t be seeing any additional charges to your energy bill from a solar pool system – so don’t feel guilty about the cost of replacing your pool heater with a solar model.
  3. Less worry about rising energy costs. You’ll be immune from increasing gas expenses.
  4. Help protect the environment. Unlike gas energy heaters, solar pool heaters don’t pollute or waste energy.

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