Prioritizing Battery Storage After SDGE Time of Use Rate Change

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The summer time in San Diego County means more people are going to be cranking air conditioning units to the max and letting them run nearly 24/7. This puts plenty of strain on the energy grid and routinely causes problematic brownouts. In response to the increased demand, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) has recently announced new Time of Use pricing.

Until November, electric utility costs accrued between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PST will be charged at a significantly increased rate. You can review the Time of Use prices – and compare the massive spike in pricing – by clicking here and visiting the official SDGE site.

This announcement from SDGE has many homeowners in San Diego County considering a switch to not only solar energy systems but to solar systems paired with auxiliary battery storage units. Solar energy is an excellent way of minimizing your electric utility costs by generating your own power off-the-grid. With a battery storage unit, you can even further reduce, or even eliminate, your electric utility costs by dipping into the power saved by your battery during the night or peak hours of the day.

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