Las Vegas Sets a Good Example with Citywide Solar Energy Panels

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Las Vegas budgeted 6.8 million dollars to install solar panels on seven carports at various locations around the city. According to, city planners expect the solar panels to generate enough energy to power about 260 homes and to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by over 2,000 metric tons – and the project created 74 jobs in the community. In support of the city’s efforts, NV Energy gave the city of Las Vegas a rebate of 3.5 million dollars – over half of the final cost of the project.

In addition to reducing the city’s environmental impact and creating jobs, the Las Vegas solar panel project also sets an example for other southern cities to become more environmentally friendly. With its bright lights and less-than-spotless reputation, Las Vegas is not a city known for environmental awareness – but with their new mantra of environmental awareness, the city of Las Vegas has come up with a fantastic solution to a growing problem.

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