Improving Upon Home Insulation Prior to AC Installation

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Before a full AC installation in San Diego, homeowners may want to improve their home’s current insulation. Insulation is an important factor regarding just how efficient and costly an air conditioning unit will be. The better the insulation within a home, the better the AC will work — and the better the AC works, the more comfortable the home will be.

Weather Stripping Around Doorways

Weather stripping is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to improve the insulation of a home. Weatherstripping comes in foam or plastic and is either glued or nailed along the doorway itself. It provides a complete seal when the doors are closed, so air cannot pass through the door.

Insulating the Garage

Exterior and interior garage doors should always be well-insulated; otherwise, they can let temperature-controlled air out. The bottom of a mechanical garage door generally has an insulating strip that may need to be replaced occasionally, while the interior garage door (between the garage and the house) should be a solid core door that has the same type of insulation as any of the other exterior doors.

Adding Insulation to Attics

Attics are an area that often loses both heating and cooling for a home. Putting insulation in the attic and home is fairly easy — and attics that are not being used for storage can be filled with loose fill insulation by a DIY homeowner. If attics are already insulated, the insulation should still be inspected from time to time. Rodents and other pests can nest in insulation and disrupt their effectiveness.

Caulking Around Windows?

Windows are one of the areas of the home that are most likely to let out cool air, as there may be areas around the windows that have gaps. Windows should be appropriately sealed around the edges and homeowners should make sure that the windows close tightly. If there are any gaps where the window closes, they may need to invest in additional weather stripping for beneath the edges.

A company specializing in AC installation in San Diego may also be able to make recommendations regarding improving the rest of the home. Though insulation may be an additional investment of time and money, it’s also generally a one-time investment and an improvement in the home.

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