How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work?

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The Polo Club of Boca Raton, FL broke ground on their new family resort pool complex earlier this week. The 7,000 sq. ft. pool and waterfalls are temperature controlled through a solar heating system. The resort complex also features an open air cafe, a children’s activity center, shaded pavilions and lounge area. The Polo Club expects it to be completed by November of this year. Interested in having your own customized private resort at home? Contact the professionals in solar pool San Diego Solaire Energy Systems about heating your pool.

According to the San Diego solar energy company Solaire Energy Systems, heating your pool with solar is more cost effective than gas heaters or heat pumps. How a solar pool heating system works is quite simple:

  1. A rooftop solar collector circulates pool water around it and heats it up by the sun. A collector can also be used to cool water during hot seasons by circulating water through them at night
  2. Then the water is pumped into a filter that removes the dirt and debris after it’s been heated in the collector.
  3. It then goes to a pump that forces water back down into the pool.
  4. A flow control valve (either automatic or manual) measures the temperature of the water and can bypass the collector and return it to the pool if it is already at the desired temperature.

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