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A whole house fan is a great way to utilize outside air to cool off the entire house and regulate temperature. It works by pulling the cooler air in and moving the warm air inside the house out through the attic. A trusted San Diego AC replacement technician can help install or repair your whole house fan so you can keep your home comfortable. At Solaire Energy Systems, our team can provide you with the services you need to get your whole house fan up and running quickly.

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The Benefits of a Whole House Fan

There are many advantages to installing and using a house fan, including:

  • The affordability of the whole house fan appliance
  • It expels stale air in the house and brings in fresh air
  • It reduces the cost of cooling the house
  • You can enjoy a cooling breeze inside
  • New models of whole house fans run quietly
  • It is a great alternative to air conditioning.

A Helpful Team of Technicians for Residential Cooling

When you hire Solaire Energy Systems for the servicing of your whole house fan, you are receiving help from accomplished San Diego HVAC technicians. We are fully insured and hold four professional licenses, so you can be sure you are receiving qualified help.

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