3 Quick Tips To Help Prevent Solar Data Loss

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Making the switch to solar is one of the best choices you can make, for you, your community, and the planet as a whole. However, even after going green, you may experience issues as the result of technical problems. Did you know you could be experiencing data loss from your solar monitoring system? Don’t worry- if you are, there’s probably an easy way to fix it.

Before you read these quick tips and put them into practice, ensure that you have identified your ethernet adaptor, inverter, and cable that runs into your wall. You may be losing production data because you unplug these and put them into a surge protector or power strip after the initial installation.

  1. Plug the adapter directly into the wall, don’t use a power strip. Using a power strip creates interference with the electrical flow.
  2. Don’t unplug the adapter after your solar power system is installed.
  3. Make sure the cable is plugged into your router. If you change routers be sure to plug the adapter cable into the new router.

Plugging your system into a direct outlet is the best way to prevent data loss in your solar system. A solar electric system, up and working properly, is the ideal way to join the solar energy revolution and see maximum benefits. Between the tax advantages, rebates and flexible financing options from Solaire Energy Systems, solar has never been a more realistic energy option.

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