2060: Solar Could Power Half the World’s Energy

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Can you picture what life will be like in the year 2060? Is it the same futuristic landscape that people imagined in 1960 for the year 2010? It’s probably likely that everyone will have a hybrid car rather than a flying car, but more than 50% our energy could come from solar electricity San Diego and other natural resources.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 50 years at least half of the world could be powered by solar energy San Diego photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants. This hopeful forecast beat out the previous one that projected that we would be running on 21% by 2050. Leaning harder toward the use of solar energy in the next 50 years is intended to wean us of our use of expensive fossil fuels. In turn this will greatly reduce the amount of carbon waste being released into the atmosphere – a projected savings of 27 gigatons.

According to the senior analyst of IEA, Cedric Philibert, “Photovoltaic and concentrated solar power together can become the major source of electricity,” he told Bloomberg, “You’ll have a lot more electricity than today but most of it will be produced by solar-electric technologies.” A more in-depth statement will be released in early September when Philibert speaks at the ISES Solar World Congress in Kassel, Germany.

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